Jerome van den Berghe

Musical Director • Arrangements • Keyboard Player

Music Services

Jerome van den Berghe is an experienced copyist, and has worked in this role on a number of projects, including regional productions in the UK and UK tours. Jerome will put in the time and level of detail required to ensure that all sheet music produced is easy to read and up to a professional standard.

As well as this Jerome is experienced in creating custom arrangements and orchestrations, both for live musicians as well as creating backing tracks. 

Please see below for a list of services, and email with any enquiries

Tidy up your rep folder

Neaten up your sheet music. No more cuts written on in pen and having to explain the structure to pianists at auditions. From just £4 you can get a clear, professional looking score that will make the pianists job easier and ultimately lead you to giving a better performance. For examples see the bottom of this page.


Custom transpositions can be provided. Since each piece of music is checked by hand there will be no messy accidentals as is often found with music transposed by computer (for example by MusicNotes). Also if you decide at a later date that the song still isn't in the right key, extra transpositions can be provided at no additional cost.

Transpositions and tidy-ups of Piano/Vocal scores are priced at a standard flat rate of £4 per page, and discounts may be available for longer songs, or if you require multiple songs. Email for further details. 

How it works

Step One Email a copy of your sheet music (either a scan or a clear photograph) to including any specific instructions about transpositions or any additional details

Step Two You will receive a confirmation email, confirming receipt of your music, along with the final quote

Step Three Payment instructions will be provided allowing you to pay via paypal

Step Four Your transposed and tidied sheet music will be emailed to you in PDF format. Turnaround time is usually just one or two days, however can be quicker if you have a specific deadline 


Found the perfect audition song but can't find the sheet music? Transcriptions of audio recordings into sheet music can be provided. Prices are available on request.


Want a custom arrangement of a song to sing with a band? Arrangements and orchestrations can be created specifically for you. Email to discuss your requirements

Backing Track Creation

With some of the best samples and live recording, you can get professional sounding backing tracks which can be used in any situation.

Score Examples